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Quality Control

Whether our clients are public or private sector, Ortiz Group is dedicated to completing all projects according to the highest standards. Our company has vast experience in the preparation and implementation of Quality Control Plans for construction.

By performing and supervising all disciplines of the assignment ourselves, we can better control the work schedule and provide a higher level of quality to our customers. We also encourage a culture of learning, for this reason, our Projects Managers obtained the certification from the US ARMY Corps of Engineers for Construction Quality Management for Contractors.

Furthermero, in all or project we enphatize the use of the Three-Phase Constrol program as specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Thanks to these progrmas and the hard work of our people, Ortiz Group has finish our projects on time and within budget.


Ortiz Group is focused on continual and substantial improvement each year as the company march toward the ultimate goal of “Zero” – zero accidents and zero injuries. On the last year all our managers and project superintendents obtained the certification in the Osha 10 Hours in Construction Program. In our projects, Safety Plans are strictly implemented.

In Ortiz Group, Safety is First !











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